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Jul 30 2015



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charleneg54 charleneg54

Kind of bummed I live in wichita falls texas. I was going to take 3 kids to the first concert they even made posters for it. Then I heard a lot of stories why y'all didn't stay. Just didn't 175 to see y'all and it kind of sucked that there couldn't be something worked out. But good luck on the tour. It just saddened me to see the look on my kids faces to not be able to go.
rlgalbie rlgalbie

I love you guys, and I am so thrilled that you are coming back to AZ! I will see you there!
ballerina970 ballerina970

I love you Neil!!!!! I have always wanted to do the drums like you, but I don't know how to play as well as you do lol. When i listen to your albums I'm always trying to get the rhythm of your drum beats and you inspire me to better myself everyday.! You are awesome and can't wait to see you ocotober!1
dredge dredge

Was great to see you guys in Portland ! Definitely rocked the house. And gracefull thru the meet and greet time . What a great first concert experience for my 15 year old!
alyssav alyssav

This ALyssa's mom and I have a message to share with you: My daughter is 14 and absolutely Loves you guys.Sad to say she isnt going to be able to go to your show Sat at Food Truck Carnival in NJ. We werent able to get tickets due to financial hardships.Our family has lost 3 members in the span of 6 months and the funeral costs and health issues have brought us more than we can handle.I battled cancer twice in 3 yrs myself. She just started HS.Last year she was bullied but somehow managed to pull herself up by the grace of your music and others. Her name is ALyssa Vittoria from Garfield NJ .Maybe one day if your traveling through again we will be able to see you guys play.If you would can you please at least send her something autographed in the mail. That would really make her smile. I have become worried about her lately. Shes such a good kid. Thank you for listening...Keep on kicking ass!~Janna