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Aug 04 2015



Three Days Grace are performing at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, AZ on September 1. Pre-sale tickets are now available for Three Days Grace Community members and general tickets go on sale August 7 at 10amPT, both HERE.


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notgoodfairy notgoodfairy

My kids and I are pretty upset about this because you were set to play in Midland, TX this night. We're huge fans and this was going to be my son's first concert. It sucks that not only did we not get any explanation as to why you cancelled on us, but you set up for Tucson instead. Lots of disappointed fans here.
malani malani

Well this was a huge dissapointment since me ans my entire family have been TDG fans for years. When we hears you guys were coming to Midland Texas I nearly fainted from disbelief. Since this was my first & Favorite band. This was such a huge let down sadly to hear it was cancelled since it was going to be a gift for my mother for her birthday as well.
tom574 tom574

This is Great! Glad to see a Three Days Grace concert in Tucson, AZ
izilanejohnson izilanejohnson

wish i could be there
rlgalbie rlgalbie

Wow it was an amazing show you guys! And thanks for the meet and greet
javajoy01 javajoy01

I feel your sentiments.. The Midland show was supposed to be my first 3 days grace show as well, broke my heart to return the tickets and to be honest, I doubt very much they will make up the show.. From what I was told looking into what happened and from what I heard it was a double booking, not sure about that since the AZ mysteriously showed up after ours got cancelled. I can't fault the band for this since they have no say in this stuff, but it would be nice if they gave up a new date.. I know Amarillo got cancelled to. I was not able to make their other Texas dates on the last leg because the shows were to far to travel and I was out of town for the lubbock date so I could not go.