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Dec 16 2015


As the Three Days Grace community, let's come together to share stories of our Fallen Angels. Click HERE to leave a dedication for a special person from your life or read posts that others have shared.


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maormeir maormeir

Hello to the band I saw the list of your tour show and i want you will israel for a live show I had a very badly accident with my motocycle before 13 years and had a very lond time for recovering I love your music and style and many more and i'll like if you'll come to show in israel Thanks Maor meir Meirh25@walla.co.il Hope to see you soon !!!
OGuzhanM OGuzhanM

When soldiers, policemen and innocent people were died, I feel bad about . Come to Turkey please.
threedaysgracefan57 threedaysgracefan57

I lost my uncle when I was 12 he had a heart attack, it really hurt me it broke my heart so much he had died. So I moved on after 3 years. He was a innocent man. Please come to Manchester NH. Hope to see you live sometime.
chelseaisbell5226 chelseaisbell5226

Hmm well I have never lost anyone close to me.. I am very thankful for that too, but recently I was involved in a shooting, I was shot in the face and the leg, I luckily made it threw just fine tho, can't really even tell, but the person I was before that happened and the person I am now... They are diffrent.. Its hard to explain, but the person I was before, it feels like that part of me has just died or something.. I can't pick up where I left of for some reason, I don't know if that's a good things yet or not, but I do find myself missing that person alot latley.. I doubt u guys r coming back to TN, USA anytime soon but it would be awesome!! I've been listening to your music since 05 and you guys have gotten me threw the hardest times in my life, this no doubt being on of them, thank u so much!! Don't ever stop!!
bmaurilito bmaurilito

I meet this young girl a year ago and her story is sad, she was sexually molested by her brother for 5 years ( yes, finally he's in jail) and she is free. She loves this band, took her to the concert and just to see her happy face singing the songs out loud made me feel like a hero. Please Tree days grace never stop making music ❤️❤️
staciemarie staciemarie

A week ago your song came on the radio while I was taking my son to school. He told me I like that song. He told me his favorite part was when y'all sung "I am machine I never sleep, i keep my eyes wide open". I listened to the chorus, I had heard your song before, but that day being caught up in everyday life my focus got takin off the song. This morning, I am Machine came on and I had already dropped him off at school. I remembered him saying he liked it so I listened to it. As I was listening to it I was truly hearing the words and I couldn't help but to cry. The words hit me so hard and I feel like I can finally feel what he feels. What he could never express to anyone himself. You see, my son is autistic. Emotionally it's very hard for him to connect to people a lot of times. I've never been able to run up to hug him. I've learned it's ok not have a reply back after I say I love you. Now, I get to feel a piece of what he feels with having autism. I thought you should know. SM
chavonnecarrington88 chavonnecarrington88

I would like a tattoo I don't know witch tattoo I want or like my mates have tattoos
cvgsmackfan cvgsmackfan

This post is for all of the friends I've lost over the years. I won't mention any names but they know who they are. This is for all of them. Gone but never forgotten.
gemagarza1 gemagarza1

I love you Guys, come Mexico Please <3