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Sep 14 2017

3DG Studio Update #3

Three Days Grace are back with another update from the studio!


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valvetta valvetta

On your next US tour please please please! Come to Austin TX. I used to live in San Diego,CA but have moved to Texas. I have even talked to Matt Walst on the phone a year ago. Hi Matt :)
deathbat4lifeHollywoodUndead4ever deathbat4lifeHollywoodUndead4ever

Yeah let's go Three Days Grace. We're counting on you Matt. I'm exited to see what you guys come up with.
adamislove adamislove

I congratulate you when are you coming to Argentina? I want to see them once and for all. I love them
osha170 osha170

I wish I could've seen you guys but technically I did at Carolina rebellion and you guys played my favorite songs and Matt you were awesome hope I can come to your next us tour
timafoz timafoz

Guys, really looking forward to new releases. Good luck to you))
nootnoot69 nootnoot69

I'm so ready for this! You guys are the shit, and I can't wait to see what you've come up with. And may I request you guys come to Florida, hopefully st Augustine or Jacksonville. No one ever comes here and it's very despressing, since I don't have the resources to travel out of state, let alone out of country. Thanks!
laurphee laurphee

So excited that the album is finished! Can't wait for the release!