3DG Kenya Project: Help The Band Make A Difference!

19 Aug 2019

As part of MTN of HOPE, Three Days Grace began The Kenya Project which helps support communities in rural Kenya, giving children the possibility of living their lives to the fullest potential.

In 2018, Matt and Neil visited Mwatate and Taveta, two struggling communities in the southeast of Nairobi. Supported by World Vision Canada these communities are in need of additional support and now we are asking you to join the band as they commit to supporting a cause close to their hearts. Together, we’re committed to walk alongside these communities for 10 to 15 years with the goal of realizing true change.

The needs are many, but in particular, your support will help increase the protection of vulnerable children in these communities, especially those with disabilities or those who have been the victims of abuse. Other priorities include improved access to clean water in homes, healthcare facilities and schools in both communities.

Three Days Grace invites you to join them as they help the world’s most vulnerable children. See the Neil & Matt’s mini documentary from their trip to Kenya below, and donate now HERE.